Moving to a smaller residence?   Are you a senior in transition or joining a retirement community?  Planning for assisted living or do you want to "Age in Place?" We help you create new surroundings that permit a more practical and functional lifestyle.  Your scaled down surroundings must blend parts from the past with the new.  Guiding you to the best of those choices is the service we provide.

Achieving an integrated scaled-down look demands professional skills in creative interior design and common sense business practices.  You'll quickly recognize our professionalism and consistancy beginning with our very first meeting.


We operate a tightly run business with written details that document all decisions and approvals.  Our calendar system of tasks will assure your "scale down" completes on budget and on time.

Types of Services

Preliminary Planning

Consulting (hourly or set fees)

Outlining a timetable

Evaluating needs & possessions

Evaluating potential spaces

Listing major tasks

Sorting of Possessions

Preparing a task calendar

Writing budget estimates

Finalizing Your Move

Arranging the move

Disposing of property

Finalizing renovation specs for lighting, colors, walls, etc.

Drawing floor plans

Obtaining written bids

Specifying purchases

Supervision of project

Special Services

Staging property for sale

Selecting appraisers

Auctioning and/or gifting of valuable items

Consulting on wardrobe

Selling on the internet, including autos

Supervision of movers

Setting up a new location

Positioning furniture & accessories

Hanging art