"I have had two "Shop Your Closet" experiences with JR, and both were wonderful!  
She arrived 
right on time and was warmly professional throughout both visits. 
JR suggested terrific combinations in my wardrobe that I never would have thought of. 
And she was tactful and supportive every step of the way.  The hours we spend on my
closet were fun as well as educational.

JR also provided me with a "Look Book" filled with photos she took of me in various clothes. 
This comes in quite handy, as I can refer to it to see specific shoes, jewelry, handbag, etc.,
that go best with each outfit.  The book also includes suggestions of specific items that
would round out my wardrobe.

I am truly grateful for having had the benefit of JR's exceptional fashion expertise. 
I cannot recommend her highly enough." --- P.M

I have always been a 'clothes horse.'  It is important for me to present the most attractive
appearance possible to face each day with feelings of security and confidence.  JR would
win a fashion show at the Kentucky Derby every time she leaves her house!  She always
looks put together and has a flair like no one I've ever known! 

JR examines your clothes, creates matches you had never considered, assembles outfits 
down to the jewelry, scarf and shoes.....you don...she photographs.  The "looks" are now cast
in stone, or as good as, down to the last detail.  She assembles a book for you which you can
call anytime you want to look amazingly stylish when you step out the door.  Thereafter, your
personal stylist permanently on call through the pages of your book." --- DGS