JR Nuerge has been designing and fabricating jewelry for 20 years and will redesign your old pieces into new ones.  Bring your out-of-style or broken jewelry and see it turned into wonderful new creations.  She will  simply and effectively redesign your jewelry into one-of-a-kind piece(s)!  You'll enjoy the gorgeous jewelry you and JR collaborated on.

Want a private Jewelry Recycling Workshop?  Get together a total of three friends, pick a date and JR will lead a workshop just for you!  This is a wonderful way to celebrate someone's birthday, learn a new craft and make memories together.

Getting married?  Have a bridesmaid party and make the jewelry for your wedding.  JR will help you pick out an appropriate design for yourself and your attendants.

Do you have some jewelry that your EX gave you?  Get rid of the bad "Chi" and recycle it into a creation that has new meaning!

Don't have the time to do it yourself?  JR will meet with you and redesign your pieces for you!  Phone her at 415-387-6082.

                                       Jewelry Recycling


Before and After Pictures:

 April's Jewelry Before--Grey cultured pearl necklace & two broken bracelets.


         April's Jewelry After----
         Updated wearable choker


 Sandra's Before----1/2 of a belt and a Jade & Carnelian Pin 

 Turned into a Choker Style Necklace with       Pendant! 

Sandra's Gold Link Chain Necklace and Silvertone Chain Before---------- 

Became an Intertwined Necklace with an orphan earring pendant! 

Beautiful Enameled Scarab Pendant and Chain Link Belt........................... 

Became a Gorgeous Pendant with an appropriate Chain!  Much Better! 

Boring Pendant, assorted pins and earrings........................................ 

Much better looking, don't you think??? 

JR can make clasps out of items such as buttons, orphan earrings and gardening wire!  

Call JR at 415-387-6082!