"J.R is a creative and original decorator who gets the job done. She was there with me from the beginning to the end of the project. She made sure the vendors did what was promised and took the unpleasant parts of the job out of my hands. I am pleased with the way the project turned out." -Roberta Rosen

"JR has helped us turn our great condo into a fantastic space! She worked with us to find custom paint colors that are ideal for us, and JR arranged our art on the walls. Everyone comments on how perfect the colors are for us and they admire the lovely art we have...which was unappreciated in our other homes.
JR is honest and reliable, her crews are clean and minimize the disturbance caused. Several of our friends have hired her because of the work she has done for us...that is the best recommendation!"-Laura Olson

 "EVERYONE who comes to our home comments very positively and enthusiastically about the terrific appearance of our home's interior, which results from J. R. skills. I already forget how much we paid her, but the fabulous appearance of our home, which J. R. created, will continue as long as we live. We are extremely happy with the results of J. R.'s work. Further, she is always a delight to be with, while at the same time being very businesslike."            Steve Olson

"I used to be at a loss when an item of jewelry broke or fell out of fashion. Now, I just call JR as a matter of course, bring her whatever needs redesigning and leave it in her hands. She is creative, does beautiful work, is trustworthy, reliable, consistent and punctual. And, the bonus here is that she is such fun to work with. I know that whatever I bring her will be returned to me better than new, and I will admit that I have brought her some very big creative challenges, but she never shies away from a difficult task. I have also bought some of the jewelry she has designed and some very unique and engaging hats she has not only designed but made by hand. She is a total wizard!" –Janet Gallin

In 2011, I scaled down from a 4,000 sf home into a fine rental building in San Francisco.  I saw my empty apartment with JR and thought..."what to do"?  JR took hold and said, "be patient & relax."  So, in relatively short time, my apartment developed into a very pleasant home.  I am fortunate to enjoy the beautiful, well-chosen fabrics on new, comfortable furniture.....my favorite pictures hang on the once bare walls and I wonder...how did I ever question "the outcome?"  Thanks to JR for all the creative ideas and "never give up" effort!  -  L.A.W. -San Francisco