7 Home Improvements to Boost Your Home's Value!

Posted by J.R. Nuerge on Sunday, June 21, 2015 Under: Home Improvement for Resale
DECK - A deck adds enormously to the appeal and value of your home, in the neighborhood of around 80% of it's cost when you decide to sell.
LANDSCAPING - The front landscaping of your house goes a long way toward giving your house that WOW factor.  How much the value is increased depends on the extent of change.  Smart Money magazine said that quality landscaping could increase home value as much as 15%
BATHROOMS - Bathrooms are close to the top.  You can do as little as replacing faucets to as much as an entire gut rehab that includes new flooring, vanities, toilet, soak tub and freestanding shower and get from 75% to 100% of your costs back when you sell and boost your value accordingly.
KITCHEN - Updates range from replacing cabinet fronts and hardware to installing new counters, flooring, sink, faucets and tile back splash.  See your value jump from 75% to 100% of what you spent on the remodel.  Adding  new, energy efficient appliances to a kitchen remodel ups the ante and is likely to push you closer to the nearly 100% number.
HARDWOOD FLOORING - Flooring is one of the first things noticed by home buyers.  With the increased popularity of hardwood flooring it will make your house more appealing.  Too expensive......the new laminates look very real!
FRONT DOOR - Every real estate agent's mantra is-----Curb Appeal, Curb Appeal Curb Appeal!  Replacing or renovating your front door, one of the first impressions buyers get of your house, is likely to recoup just about 100% of what you pay.
WINDOWS - You've heard that the eyes are the windows into the soul......likewise, windows let you see into the soul of a house.  Expect to boost your sales price by about 80% of what the improvement costs.

JR can assist you with one or all of the above improvements!

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